Muse At Rest

Galaxy 2 Galaxy

Drexciya: Warriors Return

Revenge Of The Jaguar

The Jaguar Knights

Night Vision

Model 500 Classics

Planet E: Intergalactic Beats

313 Detroit


Prints available for all images



13 Responses to Artwork

  1. Sheldon says:

    Is abdul’s art available for purchase? Thanks i really digg his work!!

  2. Sönke says:

    Hi, I would love to buy a print of ‘313 Detroit’. Please contact me. Thank you!
    Best wishes from Hamburg

  3. Tara Kinsella says:

    Hey there. I would love to buy a print of Galaxy 2 Galaxy. Is that possible? I am in the UK, and need it fairly quickly. It would make a friend very happy on his birthday.

    Kind regards


  4. Spencer says:

    Is ‘Requiem for a Machine Soul’ available? Even as a PDF? Can’t find a copy for sale anywhere.

    Many Thanks


  5. mark worley says:

    my friends bought me the model 500 artwork for my 40th birthday, best present i received!!!
    mark worley

  6. stuart says:

    How much for the 313 print?

    I would look great on my studio wall!

    Please advise



  7. Lee niblock says:

    did you do the art to the cover of dj rolando -aztec mystic mix if so are prints available
    love it thanks

  8. jav says:


    Can you provide a contact email, I would like to purchase some items.

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